SFS2014 - November

First off, I'm calling exemption. I started off the month with a plan to use some money I received as a gift with the instructions "use it for something fun" and it quickly went beyond that. Oops.

So here's where I am with the projects I worked on this month.

I've managed to attach all my heptagons to the afghan and work a row of black around the whole thing. I also started making half circles on top. It's been so long I forget if I did the original one with a 4.00 or 4.25 hook. I'm using 4.25 this time around but think I may go down. I'm also using two strands so I don't know if it'll really make that much of a difference. We'll see when I pick it up next.

I finished my second whirl lapghan. Frogged the outer part as I realized the pattern was written incorrectly and the corners were placed wrong.

I finished two pages of Fantasy Triptych, minus special stitches, over ones, and beads. 

I picked up Insanity again. Although while going through my newer GK patterns, I realize I have some that deserve that nickname more than this piece. Namely two that require 51" fabric at 18ct. I'd go smaller, but I tried that with insanity and the stitches were just too tight. I might end up trying 20ct but that may be hard to come by.

And then my new start "Peacocks" from my new stash which is extensive.

Now for my stash for the month.

It started off with knowledge of the sale on DMC at Joann's and 'innocently' browsing the clearance page at abcstitch. Which led to the following purchases.

Holiday Tree V
Cirque Des Cercles
Dragon's Eye
Looking Glass - Black 
Sleepy Hollow
Blue Dragon Fairy
The peacock is a kit, and the last one is the only non-sale item.

I then made a list of thread for the following: (Oriental, Leopard in the Grass, and Friends)

These are all GK's I had purchased last year. Although I remembered the bolt of 18ct aida I have isn't wide enough for the first one, I browsed to a site I had bookmarked for large cuts of fabric. It was initially indented for 2 other patterns that require 51" on one side (I contemplated getting the fabric for those but decided against it). But what was the point of only ordering one thing? So the following found their way into my cart.

Last one is a kit and was on sale along with the first chart. Along with the specialty fibers for Sleepy Hollow from the first purchase. Therefore, I added the DMC for that piece and the blue dragon fairy to my list of thread to buy. Contemplated getting the thread for the leopard but decided against it at the store.

And since I was going to spend a lot this month anyway, I picked up these two kits.

Kitty Trio

Indian Peacock

I ordered from Mary Maxim. Jewelry kits and two crochet kits.

I had a small, unplanned cave to stash. I started looking at Annie's and there was a pattern on sale, with 3 left that I had to get. It's also no longer listed on their website.

Since I can never seem to order just one thing (might as well maximize my shipping), also picked up the following plus 2 jewelry kits.
While my list for Black Friday purchases grew longer, I pulled out my bolt of aida, since I knew I was getting low on it to find this:

I ran out! I probably ran out last year but didn't realize it. But I bought the bolt almost 10 years ago so I think I got my money's worth. Had to order another one.

Now for my Black Friday purchases.

From ABCstitch, which has 20% off the entire site, I bought the fabric for Sleepy Hollow, Legends of the Dragons and Legends of the Spellcasters, and all the materials for Looking Glass and Christmas Tree V. Also bought these two charts, Seafarer's Valentine and Secrets of the Nereid.

I had the third in the series already, Mermaid Love Tokens, and I had a feeling these would be hard to come by soon.

One thread for Looking Glass wasn't available on the main site so I went to the alternate. Ended up purchasing these kits that had been sitting in my cart when I first started creating a list.

Just as a note, I had fabric for "Legends" but decided I didn't like it. Thankfully, it was the same color as needed for another chart although a slightly lower stitch count than the photo. I also wanted both to be the same as they're related charts.

Things I didn't buy after seeing the price already in my cart: the fabric and floss for the 3 parts of the kit, two fairy kits I love but decided they could wait, beads for various kits, floss for "Tropical Dream" since I couldn't find 20ct Lugana that wasn't a hand-dyed, floss and beads for a SAL I have the fabric for, and ABC stitch took down their Clearance page during the sale so no luck there. Oh, and due to not sleeping well and having to go to work at 2 on Black Friday, I didn't get to Joann's before noon to use 25% off on 3/.99 DMC threads, or Micheal's after noon for 40% off regular priced DMC. So saving money there by not buying more thread for projects.

And right before posting I purchased the following from Love they Thread (Darn you Mel!)

Thankfully these are downloadable charts so my parents won't be seeing yet another package come for me. How many times can I use the 'this was backordered from a previous purchase' excuse do you think?

Can you see why I'm using my exemption month?


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