DWTS Season 23: Week 11 night 1

It's the finale!

1st round: judges pick/redemption dance

Calvin. Nice. His footwork was a bit sloppy at times. Arm was a little high in hold at the beginning. I'll agree with the scores.

Jana. It was danced well, but I found it very repetitive in the moves. Her feet did some funny things when not on the floor. Too long in the platform. Tango is a traveling dance. I agree with the score.

Laurie. That was a fast song. She looked like she slipped a tiny bit at times. I agree with the scores. A little low.

Why does trains new song have the melody to chopsticks as the chorus? Lucky Cheryl regardless of the song.

James. Very nice. Just a little trip up near the end. Cute concept. How do they get glasses to stay in during spins? Mine would fly off if I danced with them on. I agree with the scores.

Round 2: the freestyle

Jana. I'm glad they didn't fall during that one carry. Other than that it was interesting and pretty. I'll give her the scores.

Calvin. The treadmill was fun. Some of the other dancing was decent but it didn't wow me. Too high but I'm not surprised.

Who wouldn't want to fall into a pool of glitter?

Laurie. Very fun. The lifts were part of the story and not just thrown in. I agree with the scores.

James. Cool concept. Very good. I agree with the scores.

And the one going home is just shy of the final show is Jana. I would've sent Calvin home but I think he has a bigger base.


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