DWTS Season 23: Week 9

Show stoppers night. Aka broadway night.

Ooh, Maks in a tux and Idina Menzel.

Two rounds tonight.

Marilu. Odd song code. Not actually samba. There wasn't much bounce and there were entirely too many swivel steps. She didn't have the right action in her legs and I didn't really see any hips. I'm not sure what the judges saw. Too high.

Calvin. The package was funny. Pretty but it felt more like a Viennese waltz. The rise and fall was somewhat missing because of it. Too high.

Haha. Sharna and the glitter as Glinda.

James. Fun. But I thought he looked slightly restrained by his pants. Maybe because they were shiny. I agree with the scores.

Terra. Fun. She managed to pull off what you did but it was a reserved Charleston in movement due to size. Easy to lift. A little high for me.

Jana. The song started in an odd place. She gave herself over to the emotion. The choreography feel just a little flat for me. A little high for me.

Laurie. She pulled it off. The song didn't lean towards a sultry tango, but they worked with it. They managed not to trip over the hat. I agree with the scores.

Round 2.

Calvin and James. They managed to keep straight faces through the dance. Hips weren't forward enough but they tried. Nice cape work. I'll agree with the scores.

Marilu and Terra. Terra went bigger than Marilu. It went off a few times. Too high for me.

Jana and Laurie. They were well matched. I agree with the scores.

And Marilu goes home. The correct person was sent home


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