I've finished the 14th page. One more mostly full page then the sliver that is the 16th.

I've bought some more stash. I seem to have caught the small window where the sale that ended on the 5th was still active and the coupon for 25% off had just started.

Additionally, my countertops and sink are still not installed. So you all get a picture of Onyx as I'm still with my parents.

Isn't she cute?

And I'm participating in NaNoWriMo once again.


  1. Excellent! You're so close. I hope the rest of your necessities are installed soon!

  2. She looks more beautiful with each xs update.
    I must ask though, what is the name of the red throw pattern? I need it.

    1. Haha. I've been looking at that one for over a year. Poinsettia Crochet Afghan Kit


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