DWTS Season 23: Week 10

Welcome to the semi finals.

James. Good for them in getting through the lifts when Sharna couldn't see. Interesting end pose. I'm used to seeing more leg hooks. I'll give him the scores.

Terra. I saw hips! It was good. Rumba is very focused on lines which she is unable to do properly, but she tried. And it wasn't walk and pose like most. I'll give her the scores but a little high for me.

Jana. A few bobbles. They looked too close in hold. A little high for me.

Calvin. Footwork was sloppy and rushed. His knees were too far apart at times. Too high.

Laurie. I have no idea how she was able to dance after that package. It was a little fast of foxtrot. I agree with the scores.

The trio round is back!

James. Very good. They really all matched during the side by side kicks and flicks. I agree with the scores.

Terra. She got into the character. Artem is always sexy. Very well choreographed. She walked through it a bit. A little high for me.

Jana. I hear swing with this song, not paso. Not her best dance. Posture was off. Too high for me.

Calvin. Interesting. I think he went on the wrong foot near the end. Too high for me.

Laurie. That was funny. She looked a bit rushed at times, but that song is fast, and that seemed slowed down. I agree with the scores.

And we say goodbye to Terra. Congrats to making it this far.


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