DWTS Season 23: Week 11 night 2

We've reached the end of the journey once more.
Cute opening. Saw some faces I forgot were on this season.

Haha. They turned a golf cart into a sleigh.

James. I didn't feel like that performance was as good as the original. He looked tired.

That was a fast dance to Andy's song. Alison looked like her feet were going to slip out from under her during some of those spins.

Calvin. Still a weird song choice for a Argentine tango.

Maureen. She still walked through that. And what was the point of Ryan and Babyface?

I love dress rehearsals. So funny.

Maks! And samba! Sexy dancing skittles. Haha.

Laurie. So glad they picked this one. Loved the switch up at the end from the original. Bad hair clip. Bad number. But funny.

Vanilla ice really doesn't do ballroom well. Why was Rick Perry his DJ?

Very pretty foxtrot and loved the green dress. Babyface, please stick to singing.

And Rick Perry can play the drums?

Ooh hot men. Thankfully Ryan stayed on the table.

Jana. She still good. The water probably is not helping Gleb's flu.

Terra and Marilu. Cute number. Not much dancing...

Loved the nutcracker/ swing number.

I love pro numbers.

Time for the fusion dances.

James. Pretty. They kept it simple. I agree with the scores.

Calvin. Footwork was sloppy at times. It didn't seem to have quite the energy he usually does. High for me but I'm not surprised. Unless it's really bad they don't give out anything else during this round.

Laurie. Yay. Interesting that she got the fusion that she could do lifts with. I agree with the scores.

And the cameraman fell.

In third place is Calvin. I agree with the placement.

And the winners are Laurie and Val. Yay! My pick won. 

See you next season.


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