Dwts season 14 week 9 performance

The ballroom round.

William. His butt was sticking out. The ballroom dances force him to move. Some of the foot work was a little funny. His left arm could have stayed more still, moved a bit too much during transitions. A little over scored. Don't know why Cheryl chose pants.

Katherine. Slight stumble. I think her shoe stuck on the floor. She got back on track quickly. I'll agree with the scores, it was better them William's.

Donald. A few transitions has rushed foot work, could have been cleaner. It was a good performance. I'll agree with the scores.

Maria. The steps she moved on were repetitive. And she was in a lunge half the dance. I don't think it was steamy enough and I don't remember ever seeing the twisting of the legs as a step in this dance. Over scored.

Latin round.

William. No bounce. Looked awkward. He shook his butt but those steps should have been battacattas. Over scored again.

Katherine. Didn't look much like a salsa. I also attribute it to usually thinking that song as a samba. Pity on the ending. I'll adhere with the scores.

Donald. More content than William's. Some places could have been executed better, but samba's one of the hardest dances technically for a beginner to do well. I'll agree, but once again, William should have been lower.

Maria. Little basic, lots of twisting, and filler. Interesting ding choice. Don't like the dress. over scored.

I'll be happy if either maria our William go home tonight.


  1. Wow, I can't believe so many people have gone home already. It seems like it just started!!


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