Cinco de mayo

Here's the update on Dew Drop Fairy. The top half of the border is almost complete and I've started filling in the right side of her wings. I did find that while i was adding the purple metallic in the last section that I'm running close to the end of the spool. I have a feeling I'm going to run out before the piece is complete. I'm crossing my fingers I have enough.

Sunday I drove into the city to get a pair of black latin heels. Found a pair that fit well thankfully and have started to break them in. Unfortunately the dye seems to be coming off on my heel from the suede on the inside. Suggestions on getting it off prior to it coming off on my feet? Wet paper towel?

My fabric should be arriving Tuesday. Unfortunately I was outbid on the red lace at the last second. Darn. Total weight of the box is 21 pounds. That should hopefully keep me busy for a bit.

As for the catsuit, I did cut out the main piece of the pattern in my fabric. It happened to have the greatest stretch lengthwise so I'm very glad it was a 60" wide piece otherwise I'd be in trouble given the length of my body. Even as it, I only had a few inches to play with. I'll cut the sleeves later, I need to determine if I need to squash the sleeve cap to give myself more room to raise my arm.


  1. Wow! That looks great! :D Tough luck on the red fabric, but at least you got the rest.


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