Dwts season 14 finale

Yay for pro numbers.

Sherri. I enjoyed the number. It was fun and she was enjoying herself as usual. But she was pigeon toed on her new yorkers. I laughed at how Maks and Tony descended from the ceiling.

Martina. Still as bad as I remember and she's wearing the lowest heels I've ever seen.

Jack. Could have done without the hip thrust. no bounce.

Gavin. They added balloons. I think he's worse then I remember.

Gladys. she's picking up her feet too much again.

Jaleel. Not a song I'd pick for a paso... They seemed to mess up a lift. Not very paso-y.

Melissa. Looked about the same as the first time. Cute alternate ending.

Roshon. Cute, but I can't critique hip hop.

Another pro number. Makes me happy.

Maria. I just noticed how low her heels are.

William. Oh look, he's mainly shaking his body while awkwardly doing steps without the proper hip movement. Over scored.

Katherine. Clean, but I preferred the first jive she did for some reason. I'll where with the scores.

Donald. His lock steps could have been better. But I'll give him the scores.

Gladys is a much better singer then dancer. And much better singer than a certain person on motown week. I think we all remember who that was...

Yay for Donald. I would have been happy with either him or Katherine.


  1. LOL, your comments are so funny sometimes. Thanks for the wrap up, Katie.

  2. I agree with you about the pro numbers, they really help dance novices like me see what the different dances are *supposed* to look like. Now that DWTS is over, are you going to watch So You Think You Dance?


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