Dwts season 14 week 10 performance

It's the finals! Onto the redo dances.

William. Chasses in cha cha shouldn't have two bent knees. In fact both knees should never be bent. It was much better then his first one but his hip action in the cuban breaks looked off. Also all steps looked walking rather than sharp. Almost looked like his heels were hitting before his toes. Over scored a bit but I have a feeling everyone is going to get 30 for this round unless they screw up.

Katherine. Competition paso music with a competition style routine. Not the best version, kind of bland. It was clean if not flashy. I'll give it the scores just because of my prior prediction.

Donald. His partnering was solid but I don't think I can say he actually did much in terms of number of steps. Hmm. Not a perfect score...

Freestyle round!

William. He can lift Cheryl and shake hits butt, but when it comes to actual syllabus steps, he looked awkward. And there really only one tiny part where he wasn't doing one of the first two things. I would have given less.

Katherine. A bobble coming out of once of the lifts and some of the positions looked a bit awkward to me. But overall, very good and much better than William's. perfect score so far.

Donald. Interesting routine. As there was no ballroom, I can't critique on technique. Some of the lifts looked a bit wild. I'll agree with the score.

Due to having a party at the studio tomorrow night, I won't be able to write my blog while watching so I won't be able to critique the dances tomorrow night. If anyone wants me to still post my opinions, although a day late, please tell me.


  1. Feel free to post. I know nothing about dancing, and I don't watch the show, but I love to hear what you think of them, lol.


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