Dwts season 14 week 8 performance

What is with the thing on the shoulder of Brooke's dress?

The ballroom round begins.

Donald. Well, that's one way to have a leather dress. I think I have enough fabric for the top left. This song is a jive, not a tango. It was sharp in the upper body, but the feet looked a tiny bit sloppy to me. They also had too much distance between their hips. I'll agree with the scores.

Maria. She did two passes of basic Viennese waltz. The rest of the time they stood in place and did some filler. And a trick or two. The fog made it hard to see if she was doing heel leads. I like the style of her dress if not the color. over scored. I may argue that all 8's would over score it too.

Melissa. Yay for tiger print dresses. She seemed to have missed a step our rushed one at the beginning but got back on track after the over-sway. The judges actually complimented her? I'm shocked. I'll agree with the scores.

Katherine. Now that was a much better Viennese waltz. She moved the entire time. Some steps looked a little tiny and they could have covered more ground. It should have scored above maria.

Roshon. Cute foxtrot. Cleanest I've seen him, especially after the last two dance duels. I'll give them the scores.

William. Odd song choice. His butt was sticking out when in hold. Arms could have been held steadier. One of his better dances though. It was not a perfect 30.

Despite the higher scores for Melissa, she still is at the bottom.

And now for the latin trio dances.

Donald. I liked the dance. But at times he was just moving his knees while the girls danced. The kicks and flicks were not as good as they could be. He didn't have the bounce through the knee. I'll agree with the scores.

Maria. She moved a little more but it was a lot of shaking and not much samba hips. Barely any samba. I'll agree with len's score.

Melissa. Another leather dress. Wouldn't have used that song for a samba. There was proper bounce. I'll agree with the scores.

Katherine. Could have moved get hips more. She didn't dance too much at the beginning. I liked the dress and props for dealing with the wardrobe malfunction. A tad over scored.

Roshon. I liked her dress. Still have trouble seeing Roshon as masculine. I feel as the part with Chelsea wasn't strong enough for a paso. I'll agree with the scores.

William. Looked goods when he stood still but looked awkward when moving. He was pigeon toed at times. Over scored.

Once again, judges overscored Maria and William.


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