Dresses for sale

Due to my impending move into a smaller space, I've decided to sell three dance dresses I have.

The first one is a smooth dress. I wore it in two competitions one summer. It's a very basic dress. I'm looking for ~500. Price can be negotiated.

Here's a video of me dancing in it.

The next dress is also a smooth dress. I used this the next year at the same set of competitions. It is actually a prom dress that I modified slightly. I attached a halter strap just in case the straps fell off. There is a little bit of tanner that I will try and get off if anyone is interested. It can also be used as a normal dress. It comes with the gloves that I glued sequins on. Some have come off but I believe I can supply you with the extras. ~200 for this one.

Here's a video link:

The third dress is a turquoise latin fringe dress. I absolutely adore this dress but due to losing weight last year and 2" off my hips, it no longer fits me properly. My measurements at the time I had this made were 38-32-40. Due to the low back, the hip measurement is crucial. I only wore it three times. The first time it fit fine, next time it was a bit loose, two weeks later the only reason I could wear it was because of the chains that run from the neck to the lower back were holding it up. Contact me for pricing if interested.

Here are some close ups of the neckline and back. I cannot take the dress in to fit me because of the detailing.

I did wash it after the last time and since the lace was painted it got a little bit on the bra.
Here's the video of my dancing in it.
I really hate that this doesn't fit me anymore.


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