DWTS season 15: week 1 performance

Woo hoo! New season stars tonight and I'm back to blogging about it. I'm writing this from Dance with Me NJ's kick off party. So I'm dancing, or watching others dance, in the commercial breaks. It's also projected onto a red wall so everyone is really orange.

Here we go.

Joey and Kym. High energy, not bad with the footwork, could've used more hips to make the cuban breaks more fluid. Technique wasn't right for the locksteps. Kym's outfit's is a bit odd. I'll agree with the scores.

Shawn and Derek. Song is not a foxtrot. It's a cha cha. Dress is an off length, what my rose dress looked like before I shortened it. Too fast for a foxtrot. danced well but just odd as a foxtrot. Carrie anne gave too high a score.

Sabrina and Louis. I like her dress. Very sharp. Although I didn't see a lot of hip action. Everything was very up on straight legs with no settling although it was hard at that speed. Seems like a very 'Louis like' routine. I'll agree but maybe a little high.

Helio and Chelsie. Much better music. Better then I remember him dancing last time. Unfortunately his last season sours it for me a bit. Nice fluffy dress. I'll agree with the scores.

Pam and Tristan. She looked like she forgot the routine a bit and was not very good for what she did do. Was really the most tentative performance so far. I'll agree with the scores, for someone who also did the Israel version she's really not that good.

Melissa and Tony. Little hoppy in places in hold but I'll blame that partially on the music. She makes me need to work on my flexibility. A little low in the scores.

Apolo and Karina. Entertaining but no hips again (I don't know what Carrie Anne's looking at). locksteps are the best I've seen so far. I'll agree.

Gilles and Peta. Very smooth, nice rise and fall. I'll agree with the scores, could've been higher though.

Bristol and Mark. Much better than last time. I felt like they were dancing to a different song though. The shimmies didn't work for the music. A bit soft for a cha cha though. I'll agree with the scores.

Drew and Anna. He's very stiff. Foxtrot should be smooth. Like Gilles. I like the top of Anna's dress but the bottom is odd. Maybe a tad high for the scores? But ok given the other scores.

Kelly and Val. Very good. Nice mix of sharp and hold. Could have more hip action. Low scores.

Kirstie and Maks. Song is not a foxtrot and what's with the drum rhythm? Not bad, could have been smoother. Good lines, left hand was a little odd of an angle at one point. Too low.

Emmitt and Cheryl. Entertaining, some footwork could have been cleaner. Other than the body rolls, could have had more hip action. Made a tad high but I'll agree.

Pam can go home tomorrow, she was the worst of the night.


  1. I just LOVE your critiques!!!! I totally agree that PAM SHOULD GO TONIGHT. She was HORRIBLE.
    Next I think might be Bristol....then after that I don't want any of them to go. I told Dianna that I just can't get warmed up to Kirstie. LOVE LOVE LOVE MAKS and wish he had gotten teamed up with Melissa first, then either Kelly, Shawn or Sabrina. I will vote for Maks because I want him on the whole season. Maybe I will like Kristie better in time. Keep your post coming...you give us the score as seen through a professional's eyes...we just know what routines we like watching. Susan E.


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