Small progress and a finish.

Once again I don't have much progress on insanity. It's lots of color changes with small spots of similar colors. It takes a little under an hour to do 50 stitches on average.

I spent most of Sunday working on the rose dress. I also accidentally cut my right index finger with my rotary cutter. It wasn't very deep but it still smarted so I started crocheting the snowman.

I realize the picture is rotated wrong but I don't feel like trying to fix it at the moment. I worked on this Monday night as well. I figured out Tuesday that was a good idea.

I've started bringing smaller travel friendly projects with me to work on during my lunch break and the time I have between dinner and the start of dancing on Tuesday (thus the pumpkins getting done so quickly.) I brought lil jack + the kitty to work this week. Poking my finger with the needle was not fun. I learned by Wednesday to get around that or it had healed enough not to smart. But I managed to finish it. Ta da!

I made my snowman's arms and started the hat on Thursday. Friday night I spent putting the thread requirements for my new charts into my dmc spreadsheet and made a list of the specialty threads and beads to get at a later date. While working on the hat, I had an interesting dilemma. The skein of white yarn (yes it looks blue. I blame my daylight bulb for that) started out like this:

It unwinded to this:

This proceeded to get knotted and twisted and almost unworkable. So after a little internet search voila: 

My own center pull yarn ball. Isn't it cute?


  1. That's brilliant with the yarn, I always have that issue, especially with the specialty type yarns.. I will have to find that tutorial. Excellent finishes too!

  2. Great progress hope your finger is all better now


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