Last bit of insanity...

For a while anyway. All the green is starting to wear on me.

I mentioned in my last post I bought DMC floss for about 12 projects. Here's a picture of the pile. I sorted the majority of it into the kits and the remainder will go into my main system.

I have cut my fabric and sorted all my floss for the next cross-stitch project, In the Garden. I'll be starting it right after I post this.

On another front, I picked up this black and white abstract knit. It's thin and stretchy. I'll figure out something to do with it.

Picked up the following patterns as well.

I'm almost done with the rose dress. I tried it on today and after a little tweaking on the top, I'm sure it won't fail on me at the showcase next week. The skirt's a little long so I'm going to have to hike it up.


  1. So that's what 330 skeins of floss looks like... :) Very cool dress patterns too, I'm very in awe of your talent there and can't wait to see the finished Rose dress!


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