Eclectic update and more stash

Another busy week coupled with the fact that I spent the majority of my free time over the weekend working on my dress caused me not to have that much done on insanity.
I did however manage to finish my three pumpkins this week (and had a full ball left over) and also started the snowman tonight as my brain was too tired to deal with insanity.

Although I haven't managed to work on certain projects as I would like, I got more stash. I had to go to joann's to pick up thread for my dress last week. While there, I have a tendency to rummange through the other departments to see if anything catches my eye. Although the cross-stitch section isn't all that great, I did find the following:

Sebastian and Sebastian rose by Design Works. I was tempted by two other designs featuring a white cat and a leopard purse and one with a leopard shoe, but I prefered these for some reason, maybe Onyx had an influence. They came as a pack. While looking for the pictures, I came across one other in the series Jasper:

He may be added to my stash at a later date.

Due to a wedding in NJ on Friday night, I stayed over at a hotel and then meandered  my way to Where Victoria's Angels Stitch. I picked up the following:

Bent Creek's Lil Jack + the Kitty
Mirabilia's January's Garnet Fairy and embellishment pack

Patricia Allison' Dragon Carousel (signed) and A Dragon's best Friend

Black Swan Designs' Dragon Heart

Kustom Krafts' In the Garden

Dragon Dreams' Dancing Dragons and I'll Make my Own Happy Ending

and TW's Carousel horses (all 4), Tropical Dream, Legends of the dragons, Four Season's Faeries, and The Best of TW's fantasy collection (vol 1).

The last one leaves me with an extra copy (and slightly updated version) of The Castle which I may sell if anyone's interested.


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