New dress started

I have begun my next dress, which I have names 'roses' in the labels. I have less than four weeks to complete it. Thankfully due to labor day I had an extra day so I got a fair amount done.
First, I shall present the pieces that came in my fabric set. I received 3 pieces of the following shaded fabric. The bodysuit and skirt will be cut from these:

Next, I received four pieces of organza for the underskirt (2 were extra), pre-cut into circles:

This piece of the same material as the first three, but with the added roses, are for the main body of the dress.

The coiled wad is horsehair braid printed with a similar pattern to the fabric for use on the bottom of the skirts. I have eight 7 ft pieces. The fabric on the right is the pattern printed on nude mesh for the gloves. When I'm tan for competitions, there will be an illusion of the leopard being tatooed on my arms.
The last piece is for bracelets and the collar.

Finally, we get to the actual construction. Sunday, I finished the elastic on the bottom and have the general form of it. This is one place that needs to fit right from the beginning. I cannot play with it later.

Today, I cut and constructed the main part of the dress. Below you can see the placement of the roses. I have since taking this picture, basted the dress to the bodysuit. My next course of action is to trim the excess fabric and test for fit before adding the elastic to the edges.


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