Rose dress is done

I did the skirts last weekend. The underskirt was a lot of fabric and a little slippery. Monday I added the hooks to the neck and tried it on to get the placement for the back strap's hook.  While trying it on I realized the skirt was way too long. It looked like I had a mermaid style smooth gown on. I had a dress with that silhouette but that's not what I was going for.

So, time to chop off several inches, from the top of the skirts, hike up where it's stretched as much as possible and gather the underskirt where it attaches. I didn't want to lose the tendrils coming down from the roses so I cut around those and placed them over the skirt. I'm still not completely happy, but it worked for the showcase. I need to readjust two straps and maybe take up the front a bit more. After that I just need to stone it. I need a combination of light siam, indian siam, siam, fire opal, and sunflower crystal in various sizes.


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