50k and more scarves

First off, I hit 50,000 words today on my story and have officially won NaNoWriMo 2012. Yay! It was hard the last several days as I had finished the story and was writing fillers and trying to flesh out scenes. I wrote my last 800 about a riding lesson. Boring and most likely will be taken out completely upon editing. But it got me my word count.

So while writing, I also managed to finish my first order of scarves.

As a treat to myself, and also a small break, I made some of the ornaments I bought last week. So I have three finishes too.

I then started to crochet some of my newer yarns just to see how they worked up. This one is really pretty although it takes a lot longer than the others since I'm working with thin thread that can get lost within all the folds the yarn creates. I included a close up.

This one took me less than a minute and I used my hand. Quick and funky.
This would be Onyx in a very strange position, even for her.


  1. Nice work! The colors in the scarves are gorgeous. Like the ornies, too, and the cat!

    - Lisa N.


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