DWTS season 15: week 7 performances

I love pro numbers.

Fusion. Interesting little twist. Nothing I haven't done before.

Apolo. Cha cha/paso doble. Not bad. More split then fusion. I'm not fond of Karina's dress. It may have been the jacket but his arm position in the beginning of the paso looked odd. His foot work was pretty good. I little too much Karina dancing around him considering how well he can dance. I'll age with the scores

Emmitt. Samba/rumba. Interesting choreography, but it felt a bit one level. Other than the steps, I couldn't tell them apart too much, upper body didn't change. Too much pink. Too high.
What the heck was that teaser with Kirstie and Maks?

Kirstie. Quickstep/samba. I think she did the quickstep better than the samba. Not enough bounce and I think she messed up a few times in the samba. I'll give them the scores.

Kelly. Foxtrot/cha cha. The song fit better with the foxtrot than the cha cha. She did well. I'll agree with the scores.

Melissa. Tango/cha cha. More cha cha than tango. Bit if an off song though. I'm shrouded she's erasing so little. Very un-melissa. I'll agree with the scores.

Shawn. Tango/paso doble. These are the two dances that are usually paired together as their energies are very similar. That said, that's why it fused so well. She danced it well. I'll agree with the scores.

Gilles. Argentine tango/samba. Due to the instrumentation of the song, the argentine tango didn't work very well. I liked the choreography, but maybe to a slightly different song. As for Gilles, he does argentine tango well, but samba could always be improved. Tad high, but I'll give it to them.

Utah dancers. The lights detected from being able to see what exactly they were doing at times. Seemed too hectic.

Swing dance. I hate plaid. Just a personal preference. I also still need a pair of fringe pants. That was fun. Part of the order I was expecting, others not so much.


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