DWTS season 15: week 10 performances night 1

It's the finals! Just two more nights until my commentary ends until season 16. I may have some post relating to Maks, Val, and/or Tony during the off season. Most likely I will see them this weekend. So follow me on twitter if you're not already doing so @khascat , or subscribe to my blog for updates. On with the show!

Favorite dance round.

Kelly. They lost the handhold but it could happen to anyone. I think she was better in control of it this time. Maybe a little high but I'm sure the judges are going to make themselves irrelevant tonight. As usual.

Melissa. The samba rolls were better but the footwork could have been a bit better during that step. Ok. I'll give them the scores.

Shawn. Can I really say anything new about this routine? Hmmm. They docked them, interesting. Possibly inciting the fans to vote for them more?


Kelly. As it's own piece it was good. The problem is, everyone will compare it to the movie. I felt it was missing something, I can't quite put my finger on it. She could have had a better position for that last lift. I think the scores may have been high.

Melissa. Very pretty, I can't really judge contemporary technique but it made use of her legs. I'll agree with the scores.

Shawn. Lots of tricks. Some dancing. And one strange bouncing segment. I'm torn on this one. I'll give them the scores but just barely.

Tomorrow night, one last dance and the return of all the contestants.


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