DWTS season 15: week 10 performances night 2

I'm kind of sad. It's the last episode off the season. What am I going to do until March/April? At least during the summer I have SYTYCD as a replacement. Guess I'll have more time to work on items for my etsy shop.

Yay! Everyone's back in the ballroom!

Hey. Derek copped out on the flips at the end. Bad Derek.

The outfits on dance center keep getting odder each season.

Bristol. I still don't think the choreography matched the song.

Pamela. Weird outfit. I like the song but I'd do a different routine. (hi Serge)

Helio. The quickstep was better then the salsa.

Drew. Cute kid. Drew looked a bit rusty at times.

The confessionals were funny. He he.

Gangnam style. Still hilariously bad.

Joey. I figured he'd do something funny like that. The kids are pretty good, but apparently past him didn't take the advice.

Sabrina. She danced like she usually does but I think she managed to be softer despite the choreography.

Call me maybe. Still a cute routine.

Kirstie. Why is the song so slow?

Gilles. Still a messy routine.

Apolo. This was one of his best routines.

Emmitt. Eh. Typical of him.

Dance center is silly. It gets sillier each season.

Instant dance time.

Kelly. Not bad for an hour. I still think her basic needs work. I'll give it to them.

Melissa. That was slower than they've previously played it. Hard to do samba like that. I think the judges are gong to score everything the same.

Shawn. Lots of spins, grapevines and a trick or two. I didn't see much basic cha cha. I should have known about the scores. Oh well.

3rd place. Val and Kelly. I'm not that surprised.

Yes! The mirror ball finally comes to Dance With Me! Congratulations to Tony and Melissa! Excuse me while I dance around my room.


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