DWTS season 15: week 8 performances

3 more weeks left. Double elimination for the next two weeks.

I think someone's getting fired from production. I had a countdown clock and audio levels showing in my screen. Then the wide shot with no audio or close up of tom. Can I have their job for next season?
Ballroom round.

Shawn. That was a short song even by DWTS standards. Very pretty, a little too much standing in one place though. In competition, you don't ever stop moving. A little high. She danced it well but there wasn't much of the song to dance to.

Apolo. Fast and furious. I prefer paso to that song rather then tango. I think he could have had his hope under him a little more. I'll give them the scores.

Kirstie. Simple, basic, perfect. She can still work on her arms a bit. She could perform that routine in a competition. Good scores for the routine.

Kelly. Interesting choreography. But never put floats on a dress that will be used in a smooth routine. It does remind me of belle's from beauty and the beast a little bit. Once again, they never stopped spinning. I'll give them the scores.

Gilles. Odd song for a quickstep and I didn't really like the choreography. Larger it was the outfits throwing it off. He also looked down in an odd place. Too high.

Emmitt. I think his weight was too far back. Rise and fall was a bit too sharp. What's with the short songs? I liked her dress. Maybe a little high with the scores but I'll give it to them.

Melissa. Cute and fun. The pantsuit worked for the theme. Well deserved scores.

Trio dances.

Shawn. Interesting routine. The sands I saw wasn't bad but none of the steps used the bounce. I see where the scores came from.

Apolo. He danced it well but you could see the difference with the kicks and flicks between him and Sasha. They matched otherwise. I agree with the scores.

Kirstie. Strangely, her dress/robe was a little distracting. I can't say it was bad, but I can't say it was good either... I guess the scores are ok.

Kelly. Her kicks were better than her basic. I'll give them the scores.

Gilles. His feet when partnering them, if they moved at all, were sloppy. The solo stuff turned me off rather then on. Too high.

Emmitt. Ugly color combo. That song is usually a cha cha. They changed the arrangement. Didn't get particularly excited by it. Too high.

Melissa. Another song I usually dance cha cha to. Very good execution. I'll agree with the scores.


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