DWTS season 15: week 9 performances

Semi finals are here! I like pro numbers, have I mentioned that before?

Themed dances

Melissa. What was that song? Odd. It was a fun routine. turning in bare feet is not easy. I'll agree with the scores, but may be a little high depending on the rest of the performances.

Shawn. I may have to agree that the producers were on something when picking these. Didn't quite get why the theme went with that song... Much better than Gilles Bollywood. Some positions looked weird on Derek, probably because of the skinny pants. I guess I'll give them the scores.

Apolo. The lofts were impressive, but that was just an odd dance. Didn't quite get it. Eh, I'll give it to them.

Emmitt. He moved more then he had been. But he seemed to land flat footed and heavy a lot. Lindy hip is light. High.

Kelly. I can't help but laugh at the last part. Val is brave for dancing in just a speedo. At least it looked like a dance, but Kelly did look a little odd. I'll give them the scores.

MJ time.

Melissa. Danced well but she have been more smoulder-y. I'll where with the scores.
Shawn. I normally don't think of that song as an Argentine tango. It's hard to compare the two dances because the music was so different. I think Shawn's face stayed a little too neutral. I like her dress. Hm. I have navy blue stretch lace in my stash. I'll agree with the scores.

Apolo. Could've used his hips more consistently. Other than that not bad at all. I'll give them the scores if only because when he did use his hips, it was done well.

Emmitt. First off, that song is a more a jive, not a tango, well maybe east coast swing from the speed. It was not a good tango. It's supposed to be smooth when moving with sharp stops. It looked jerky. I've been working on my own tango this week. Little high.

Kelly. Not bad, it wasn't just tricks and spins and poses. She actually danced some basic rumba. I'll agree with the scores.

I have no idea who's going home tomorrow.


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