Next! Uh oh.

The unicorn is finished. The backstitching makes a world of difference.

So onto the next piece. Christmas Tree V with lots of expensive threads.

Also, Annie's had a sale. I keep meaning to get into quilting and buy things, but nothing's been made so far.

And the downloaded patterns.

But I was good and didn't purchase anything on 'I love yarn day'.

But while putting things away in my closet...

I think I need another overhaul. I did get rid of several bags from the middle by putting those sewing patterns in a box. Which reminds me, I need a better way to organize those patterns.

And here's Onyx looking cute.

And the turkeys showed up again. There are 6 of them.


  1. Nice bargains and yes, looks like an overhaul is due. I recently did one of those as well. Onyx is looking very serene.


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