DWTS Season 21: week 4

Welcome to Most Memorable Year, have the tissues handy 

Alexa. Cute. Her shoes were a bit slippery. Near the end she blanked and her footwork looked like she never got it back. I'll give her the scores.

Gary. He had no idea what he was supposed to be doing. I found it very obvious Anna was forcing herself where she was supposed to be. Too high.

Tamar. Lots of spinning and seemed a bit hectic. The song may have been a bit fast for a rumba. A little high for me based on dancing, I'll give it to her based on emotion.

Hayes. It wasn't just him lifting his partner, yay. I'll give him the scores.

Alek. I felt he was blank rather than aggressive. He did the steps but his mind was elsewhere. I can't fault him given the week he had. Little high.

Nick. I'm 12 again. Hehe. They did well considering the lack of space they danced in. Although during the actual BSB choreography it looked like Sharna was putting more into it than Nick. I'll give him the scores.

Carlos. Pretty, felt like a Viennese waltz rather than a regular one towards the end. A little high for me.

Paula. Basic, not completely horrible until the end. But I couldn't call it good either. Too high.

Andy. He didn't use his hips at all and he was taking steps either on his heel or flat footed. All together it looked awkward from his waist down. Too high for me.

Bindi. I will admit I started tearing up from this dance, which is unusual. I agree with the scores.

And Gary has left us. Finally. Given the switch-up is next week, I don't know if any of the other pros would be able to deal with him.


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