DWTS Season 21: Week 7

This is Halloween...

Nick. Different song for argentine tango. I felt something was missing. And his butt was out too much at times. I agree with the scores.

Hayes. Nice but too much up and not much down. He looks much older with the beard. A little high for me.

Alexa. I'm torn. Parts were good. Others were a bit off for me. And the dancing shrubbery put me off. A little high for me.

Tamar. That was a good foxtrot. I didn't notice the out of sync as much as she judges. A little low for me.

Loved the cha cha interlude.

Andy. I liked the choreography but his technique was lacking. He was too straight when he was supposed to be shaped, his legs were awkward at others. This song has a bit of a jive beat. Too high for me.

Bindi. I liked it. A few times I felt Derek was pulling her around. I'll give her the scores.

Alek. It was better but his frame didn't hold when he wasn't in hold. It was hard to see his feet with all the smoke. I'll give him the scores.

Carlos. Props for the cape work. Too much smoke. He disappeared completely. A bit high for me.

Team dances.
Team nightmare. I felt like they were all well matched. I didn't see a definite weak link. I agree with the scores.

Team who you gonna call. Some cool lifts. Alek was the weakest. There were a few times they were not in sync. I agree with the scores.
Three in jeopardy this week. And Hayes leaves us.


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