DWTS Season 21: week 5

Maks is back! And I loved the opening. Along with Maks' longer hair.

Tamar. It was complicated, she tried, but she didn't get it completely. Her feet looked like she couldn't keep them under her at times. She had more fun near the end. I agree with the scores.

Hayes. Some footwork looked a bit awkward. Bit jumpy, especially one part at the beginning. I'll give him the scores. But a little high.

Paula. I would call that more a swing then a jive. And she walked through the whole thing. I agree with the 6s, but even those were too high for me.

Alek. I kept seeing heel leads. He didn't actually do too many steps. A little high for me.

Bindi. She kept her legs the straightest I've seen of the celebrities this season. It was sharp. I felt she didn't use her hips as much as she could. I agree with the scores.

Carlos. It was fun. I agree with the scores.

Alexa. It was good. I felt the skirt may have restricted her movement a bit. I don't know if it was worth a perfect score.

Andy. I found the song distracting. I liked the lift. A little high for me.

Nick. It was a good routine, but his posture wasn't right at times. Leaning forward in hold, his butt was too far back. I'll give him the scores.

And no elimination this week.


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