DWTS Season 21: week 6

I love that opening. I also love Leah's dress.

Hayes. Pretty good. There were places he looked uncomfortable. I did have a bit of trouble feeling John Travolta, Hayes is a little too young still. I'll give him the scores.

Andy. That was fun. I strangely haven't seen Singing in the Rain. I really should. I don't know if it was worth 10s but I'll give him the scores.

Alexa. For one thing, pythons don't bite. They're constrictors. As for the dance, that looked more samba than cha cha. I agree with the scores.

Bindi. That was mostly mambo once the beat kicked in. And the 'rumba' portion was mostly spinning and tricks. I could see Derek shaking during the lift. She wasn't arched enough to make that easy on him. I'll give her the scores for re-creation purposes, not for the rumba.

Paula. Ugh. The best part of that was the boys in shorts. Too high.

Carlos. Yummy routine. Not too much rumba, but I did see a basic at the end. A bit too high for me for lack of rumba. Much go rewatch Magic Mike and see the sequel now...

Nick. Whoo hoo! That's travolta, with very good samba, and some hustle thrown in. Darn you Carrie Ann!

Alek. The Elvis was there. The jive, not so much. The chasses weren't good. I agree with the scores.

Tamar. I think she did this well. Only vaguely recall the video and the small snippet they did on Glee. It was sharp. I agree with the scores.

And Paula goes home finally.


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