Onto the backstitching!

Almost there.

And I was so good, not buying things. Herrschners had a sale on a pattern that had been on my wishlist. I withheld until Friday when I got a email with an extra discount, spend $80, get 25% off. Which gives me 35% off the already reduced prices from the current sales (most 40-50%).

My reasoning was the owls and the framed pieces are quick stitches I can probably make up the purchase price rather quickly like I did with my prior ornaments. The kittens are by the same designer who did my peacocks, Luca-S. There were a few others on my wishlist, but I've seen them priced better than what they are now.


  1. I love the kittens design. I've seen that before and thought about it. Who is the designer on the two small miniatures (the black cats and the tiger lilies)? I love small things like this because they make for great gifts.

    1. They're by RTO. They come with the frame too. :) There were two others on sale but they didn't appeal to me as much.

  2. Great choices and good thing you waited. Excellent work on the unicorn!


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