DWTS Season 21: Week 10

I liked that opening

Bindi. Interesting. The song felt more samba than salsa. I saw some bouncing and not enough hips. I liked her dress. A little high for me.

Alek. He didn't do much and it felt more like a Viennese waltz. Too high.

Carlos. I liked it. It wasn't all lifts and tricks. But at the same time the dancing seemed simple. Too high.

Nick. I think they got out of time at the beginning. Still needs to tuck his butt under him. I agree with the scores.

Yes! A full size pro routine!

Dance off time

Alek vs Carlos. Carlos did better but neither had much actual cha cha.

Bindi vs nick. Both were good. Nick had fewer tricks.

Trio round.

Bindi. That was cool. I agree with the scores.

Alek. That song is a swing, not a tango. They danced around him a lot. His positioning looked a bit odd at times. Too high for me.

Carlos. Not much partnering. Interesting tricks. For some reason the tails didn't belong on that suit. I don't know how I  feel about the tens. Too high.

Nick. I was smiling. Saw a few places his footwork was muddy. I agree with the scores.

That was a bit mean to make them think they could have been going home.


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