DWTS Season 21: Week 11 night 2

And we say goodbye to Season 21 tonight.

Cute opening.

Chaka. Probably a good idea to stick to singing.

Kim. Hoppy and no hips. She quotient have lasted much longer than the week she had to withdraw.

I wish they would do more pro numbers like that throughout the season.

Silly Tom.

Paula. And she still can't dance samba.

Carlos. Magic Mike the Christmas edition. Mmm good looking shirtless men.

Nick. His butt wasn't sticking out! 

Victor. Still bad.

Andy. Does decently when he doesn't have to do ballroom.

Alek. He'd do well in the theater arts category. Lots of lifts.

I love outtakes.

Gary. Still has no idea what he's supposed to be doing.

Hayes. Very short and it seemed to be a sticky floor.

Alexa. One of the odd dances mark choreographed.

Strange little 'night before Christmas'

Bindi. Still pretty.

Andy and Chaka. Their voices don't blend well.

And the fusion dances

Nick. Salsa/tango. Could've used a bit more hips in the salsa. But fun. I agree with the scores.

Alek. Rumba/tango. Stiff and messed up a bit. Too high.

Bindi. Cha cha/Argentine tango. A little too much twisting for cha cha. I'll give her the scores.

And Alek is in 3rd place. Which is appropriate given he's the weakest left.

And the winner of season 21 is Bindi. I'm not surprised.


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