DWTS Season 21: week 9

Only 2 weeks left.

Alek. Not a lot of hips. His movement wasn't very fluid. Good with the tricks. I saw pigeon toes and 
lots of standing in one place. You high for me.

Alexa. A bit dark. There was a similar piece a long time ago in SYTYCD. Towards the end she was looking a bit lay abs mark pushed her through. I can see where the judges are coming from, but a little too high for me.

Carlos. Odd song choice. It was distracting. I don't feel he got the proper character and there was something missing. Too high for me

Bindi. I liked it. It wasn't a crazy choreography. And she danced it well. I agree with the scores.

Tamar. It felt a bit one level. But it was a dress rehearsal. I agree with the scores.

Nick. Loved it. I want her dress, I love the song. Too low.

Showstopper team up challenge

Alek and Carlos. They had more fierceness when they weren't dancing with the girls. I guess I'll give them the scores.

Bindi and Alexa. Fun. I agree with the scores.

Tamar and nick. That was certainly a production. Glad to see Tamar. I agree with the scores.

And Alexa leaves us. I'm not surprised, last week might not have resonated with the audience and she had been in the bottom for a while now.


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