DWTS Season 21: Week 11 night 1

Round 1: judges pick

Carlos. Interesting song choice. But I saw foxtrot. Slightly pigeon toed once or twice. I'll give him the scores.

Alek. The song's a Viennese waltz not a rumba. No hips. She danced around him a lot. He was a bit stiff. Too high for me.

Nick. Kicks and flicks were good. A few other places looked a little sloppy. Overall I really liked it. I agree with the scores.

Bindi. That was very long Quickstep. I agree with the scores.

Round 2: freestyle

Carlos. It was interesting. But I saw some steps from the latest group/line dances.

Alek. Eh. Didn't do much for me. Too high for me.

Bindi. I did get chills at the end but it didn't affect me like the last dance she dedicated to her father. I'll give her the scores.

Nick. I liked it. I agree with the scores.

And Carlos leaves. Based on dance ability it should have been Alek.


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