DWTS Season 21: Week 8

Welcome to icon night.

Carlos. Not bad. I think I saw some heel leads at the beginning and they clearly missed a few connections. There were hips. Val helping out was funny. I agree with the scores.

Alek. It was pretty. But he didn't do much except lifting Lindsay. She danced around him for the most part. Too high for me.

Andy. It could've been more fluid. He messed up his feet a bit. A bit too high for me.

Alexa. The theme wasn't an Argentine tango. The song didn't convey it either. She did mess up her footwork. Too much spinning in the choreography near the end. Too high for me.

Nick. Pretty, he actually danced. The spins looked awkward a bit but I'll blame bare feet slightly. I'll give him the scores. Cute reveal.

Bindi. I could've done without the 'extra' choreography. Not enough foxtrot. Typo high for me.

Tamar. It lacked a bit of aggressiveness I'm used to. At times I felt she was on the verge of messing up. I agree with the scores.

Nick has immunity. Onto the dance off.

Bindi vs Carlos. Jive. Bindi messed around too much but Carlos wasn't as good technically.

Tamar vs Alexa. Cha cha. I'm torn. But Alexa looked like she was doing salsa for a moment.

Alek vs Andy. Samba. They were both horrible.

And Andy leaves us. He was the weakest one left.


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