DWTS season 15: week 3 performances

Week 3 with a double elimination tomorrow night. Let's get started shall we?

Drew. I felt like Anna was dancing around drew a lot tonight. He seemed flat footed on what I was seeing of the cha cha steps. They weren't too good. The spectacle was done well, but the lack of technique brought the performance down for me. No hips either which didn't help. I think the scores are too high.

Gilles. I liked the performance, but he looked like he was missing his heel leads on the forward steps. The scores are still a tad too high, but it was better than Drew's.

Melissa. Not much samba, lots of shaking and tricks. The few steps I saw were not that good on the technique, tony dragged her through the rolls. Too hoppy, your head should stay on the same plane during the dance. I just spent two lessons on samba technique. It seems everyone is over scored so far. I love the two of them but I'm being honest.

Apolo. Karina's pants are distracting. Very fluid, rise and fall was a tad too sharp for my eye but not bad. Maybe a tad high. 8's for me.

Kelly. Competition song, competition routine. She held the character but looked a bit lost at one point in time. Finally, a high score for them.

Kirstie. Maks got into the role. Technique was pretty good. She could have been a little crisper, but they did slow the song down. I'll take the scores.

Sabrina. I liked Mel's costume better. It looked like a redo of Mel's with few changes. Maybe I just know that routine too well. The dancing was strong, but that is typical of her. Maybe a bit high, but the first few dances were really over scored.

Emmitt. He kept the posture and character of the dance but I'm not surprised given his profession. He kept up with the steps. I'll take the scores.

Helio. I don't particularly like this routine for some reason. I also found the bottom of her dress odd. tad high in the scores.

Bristol. Interesting concept, but slow, basic, and not aggressive. She was too far away from him at times and her shaping was wrong. The judges are being too nice. I would have given 7's at best.

Shawn. I liked the performance but they did break hold, did lifts and also had lindy hop in it. It was more a freestyle. High considering all the rule infractions.

Bristol can go home tomorrow. The 2nd is a toss up.


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