End of October update

OK. So it's not the end of October until Wednesday, but it's close enough. Plus I have Hurricane Sandy approaching which could possibly mess up Halloween and other events.

I got more done on In the Garden this week. I did most of my scarf making at work. Oops. I'm almost done with page 2.

I have started stoning my rose dress, I have 3 of the roses 2/3 done. I'll have a picture next update.

Just a few more days until the beginning of November which means NaNoWriMo starts. Yay! Or should it be Eek? As much as I have the beginning scenes and the general plot and arc, the middle/end is still really foggy in terms of action. I hope this won't hinder me too much. My main concern is Sunday. I have a competition that day which doesn't lend itself well to writing 1667 words. I'll try, but I'm most likely going to try and boost my word count on other days. I've also been mulling over giving the story I wrote my first year, Lost Princess, a good edit and see if I can get it published. The one I wrote last year needs a lot more work.


  1. Nice progress on Garden and I hope your words flow easily when you start NaNoWriMo!

  2. You are still making great progress on this one. I love the blues you are using in this piece :)



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