DWTS season 15: week 2 performances

Week two is here, the person I thought should go home did, and we get to watch quicksteps and jives.

Melissa. Neat and clean. The kicks and flicks could have had more retraction. The song is not a jive. As upbeat and fun as it is, it didn't have the correct rhythm. I'll agree with the scores.

Bristol. The theme was really far away from a traditional quickstep and they broke hold. Her frame wasn't good. She messed up a bit. She didn't pick her knees up as far as Mark when they were side by side. Ok scores but maybe a bit high.

Helio. I could have done without his arms pumping at the same time as his kicks but they weren't bad. His hip should have gone back with the back breaks and his basic chasse was lacking the closing of the feet. I'll agree with the scores.

Apolo. I actually don't have much to critique about this dance. It looked like a proper quickstep. A little low? We'll see how it holds up through the night.

Sabrina. She was in proper frame for most of the dance but came out at times. Song was odd for a quickstep and had previously been used for a paso doble (karina and billy ray). I'll agree with the scores.

Kirstie. Not her best dance. Kicks and flicks were not very good but neat and she kept up with the choreography. At least she got it out of the way early. I'll agree with the scores.

Emmitt. Some of his forward steps looked a little flat rather than a heel lead. I do like the song and her dress but I'm surprised at the lack of elastic to keep the neckline closed. I may have given 7s.

Drew. I liked the routine but I'm not used to hearing that song so slow. The sneakers probably didn't help the technique. It's not easy to dance these dances without a small heel. I'll agree but maybe a bit high.

Joey. Strange song lyrics for a quickstep. His ballroom technique (frame, footwork) needs work but it was entertaining. High compared to other better dances.

Shawn. Lots of tricks, what was derek trying to hide? Looked like something you might see in hairspray. I'm ok with the scores but maybe a little high.

Kelly. First off, val with the bra and water balloons was one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. Frame could've been better but footwork was decent. I liked the spin at the end. A tad low on the scores?

Gilles. I need a pair of fringe pants. He looked like he kept up with Peta. Doing jive with anything wrong with your legs is not easy. I'll agree with the scores.

Bristol can go home. I have a feeling she may not though.


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