DWTS season 15: week 4 performances

Oh boy, what an odd week it is. Although I don't dance some of these styles, I at least know what they're supposed to look like. Let's see what happens.

Kirstie. The ending was a little strange but they had me laughing the entire time. She could have danced some places a bit better but she did something different with her arms. I don't think she went to her default position once. I'll agree with the scores.

Bristol. She messed up a few times and if mark was dancing at level 10, she was at 5. I feel the choreography was safe. Too high.

Sabrina. Fun, disco-y. I've seen better routines on SYTYCD though. I'm surprised she stayed in her top. Little high, but I'll allow it due to Bristol's score.

Emmitt. Four choreographers? The shirt is not flattering on him. Lots of Cheryl dancing around him. The half basic I saw was not very good. Not smooth enough or lowered through his knees. Lots of lifts to cover the lack of steps. Did she really need four extra people for that? Too high.

Gilles. Meh. I've seen too many better ones on SYTYCD. I think Peta danced it better then Gilles. His facial expressions at times were a bit odd. Too high.

Melissa. I liked the tricks although one seemed to almost go wrong. Now Bristol's routine should have looked more like that as rock and roll and jitterbug are closely related. I'll agree but should have been higher then Gilles.

Shawn. Ok. That looked like a mambo. Derek pulled Shawn through the first spin sequence though. I'll agree with the scores.

Apolo. I could do without Karina's reactions at the end. It was ok. I'm not a fan of the style. I'll agree with the scores.

Kelly. Completely different take from the SYTYCD version. I liked it. It reminded me a bit of a rumba I saw Val and Valeria dance [watch here]. I'll agree with the scores.

Kirstie may be in trouble. I wish I could say Bristol is going but she seems to keep escaping. Somehow...


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