DWTS season 15: week 5 performances part 1

Two nights of performances. Tomorrow's may be a little late as I'm dancing myself tomorrow night.

Kelly. Really odd song for a samba. Ignoring that, it was a lot of fluff but what I did see wasn't that bad. It was really slow tempo wise. Her feet weren't too bad on the rolls. Weight was a little too back during the runs. Bounce wasn't really there. I'll give them the scores. We'll see how much other people are over scored our under scored tonight.

Gilles. Could have used more hip movement and it was a lot of Peta dancing around him. But the emotion and performance was there. The a capella at the beginning was risky given lack of a beat. Her dress gives me an idea of how to drape that blue/silver sequin material I have. Over scored.

Kirstie. Frame needs work. She shouldn't be that perpendicular. She did keep up with the steps and there were a lot of them. I'll give them the scores.

Emmitt. The hips weren't there when they should have been. Barely any bounce, and what was there wasn't correct. Lots of Cheryl dancing around him again. Over scored. I don't like her dress either.

Team call me maybe. Somehow the head bops at the beginning were off. The outfit was not flattering on Sabrina. It was fun though. I'll give it to them but maybe a tad high.


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