DWTS season 15: week 5 performances part 2

Hello second half of the performances. Let's see who's over scored tonight.

Melissa. She looked a little unsure of some of the steps. I could see some were taken just to keep up with Tony's lead. Her frame was pretty good. Better than most. Heel leads may have been missing. Maybe a little high.

Shawn. Turns, tricks, and something that looked partially bolero-ish. But no rumba steps other than a few of the spins. No hips. No chance to use her hips, there were no steps. Kinda of like Emmitt's bolero. Where was it? Highly over scored.

Apolo. Lots of content but there was something off about the technique. Maybe the white pants accentuated the lack of hip movement other then the thrusting. Tad over scored? I would have given 8.5. I like her dress.

Sabrina. It reminded me of a viennese waltz rather then a waltz. I blame the choreography. I like the fact that she couldn't be hard and fast but I think they still didn't go as far as they could given the style. Lots of fast turns. Too high.

Team gangnam style. Excuse me while I pick myself off the floor from laughing. Was it as technical as the other? No. But it was probably as crazy as the video. I'll take it.
Just a note, if you switch Emmitt and Cheryl for Tony and Melissa, you get team dance with me. ;)


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