Page 1 of In the Garden finished and a few other things

Well, I finished the first page (out of 16) tonight. Onto page 2 tomorrow.

Onyx's birthday was the other day, she's now 8. I figured I'd post one of my favorite picture of her.
My dance teachers are going through another mix-up/change. Who knows what's going to happen now... I worked on samba for a hour and a half today.

I currently have two stories floating about for in my head for NaNoWriMo, I'm going to outline both for now. Not sure which is calling to me more or if I can even reach 50k with either of these.

Plot 1: A human FMC is a ballroom dancer on Earth. MMC1 and MMC2 are both fae princes living in different kingdoms within the fae realm. MMC1 is a light fae and is constantly watching FMC with his powers. MMC2 is on the edge of the dark fae realms. MMC2 sets up an elaborate scheme and kidnaps FMC to his castle. MMC1 confronts him and tries to get her back, but teleportation magic doesn't work within certain perimeters of the castles except for those allowed. So he has to fight his way into the castle. Meanwhile, FMC manages to get out of her cell and is trying to get out. They meet up halfway, teaming up together. Secrets come out.

Plot 2: FMC is an orphan living in the country in a medieval kingdom. She's had to take care of herself and thus is lean. The kingdom is one who praises a woman's beauty by how fat she is. FMC has had to put up with bullying, persecution, and discrimination her whole life because of this. One day, the prince (MMC1) and his best friend/right hand man (MMC2), come to the area to investigate the tax collector who has been rumored to have been over taxing the area and keeping the extra money for himself. While in the local market talking with the people, FMC throws a tantrum and says everything she's been keeping inside, unaware of the two extra people. It turns out MMC2 is her twin brother and figures it's time to take her back to her rightful place in society. FMC travels with them back to the capital.

I kind of know how Plot 1 ends, but not Plot 2. Help and/or opinions?


  1. Interesting ideas. Since you know Plot 1, I think you'd be able to get a lot out of how in Plot 2 FMC struggles against the confining life of court vs. how she was on her own as an orphan. Perhaps she could secretly train as a knight, or find life so stifling she retires as an old maid early and cross-stitches enormous tapestries :) Or she and MMC1 fall in love and she works from within to change society?

    Good luck with them!


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