DWTS season 15: week 6 performances.

Despite my being in the middle of sandy, I still have power. Let's hope it lasts through the rest of the show.

Gilles. Hardest cha cha ever? Far from it. His feet were sloppy and his solo was nothing to talk about. Was not a hard routine. Too high.

Sabrina. It was pretty good but the steps seemed like she was running too much. I didn't see much hip movement and the footwork in her solo was unclear. Too high.

Kelly. A few places she seemed a little unclear on the steps. I could have done without the feathers on the bodice of the dress. Maybe a little high but I think this routine deserved it better them the others.

Melissa. Pretty, simple, elegant. I'll agree with the scores.

Shawn. Cute routine but there was no cha cha in her solo. I'll give them the scores.

Kirstie. Not as much hip action as I thought she was going to do, at least in the actual steps. Bonus points for not having Maks' thigh giving out this time. Some of her arm positions looked awkward. Maybe a little high?

Apolo. Pretty and sad at the same time. I'll agree with the scores.

Emmitt. Odd song for a foxtrot and his solo didn't match the rest of the choreography. Overall: meh. Scores ok, but Bruno a little high.

Group. Ha ha. That was silly.

Whoo hoo! Made it through the show with power. :)


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