DWTS season 17: week 9

Amber. Was it just me or was that incredibly short? I felt it underwhelming. And her frame seemed off. The only wow was Derek's flips as the end. I'll agree with the scores.

Leah. Underwhelming. It was one pace the entire time. The song didn't help. Her frame seemed weak and some parts were timid. Too high.

Corbin. Pretty but full of tricks. There wasn't too much basic Waltz. A little too high.

Jack. He still hasn't corrected his butt sticking out when in hold. It was more basic than Corbin's but it worked for him. I don't know if it was with 10s.

Bill. Cute but the song and the dance was not a Charleston. It wasn't very good what he did do. I'll give them the scores but may be a bit high

Elizabeth. I felt parts could have been a bit smoother. Felt a bit hoppy. I'll give them the scores.

Trio round

Amber. I don't feel as if her hips moved much. And it was easy to see with the side by side that her footwork wasn't as good as the other two. Too high.

Leah. Cute, but her lower body didn't match her upper. Her kicks and flicks were not there. Too high.

Corbin. Interesting arrangement of that song. That looked like it could be in sytycd. I'll agree with the scores.

Jack. I didn't like the arrangement. It was really slow for a samba. It looked disjointed. Technique was not there. I'll give them the 8s but maybe a bit high. Not a 9.

Bill. I couldn't decide if the song was a samba or a salsa. I'm going with neither. It was strange. Too high.

Elizabeth. Finally, a salsa. I like her dress. I agree with the scores.

What? How are Bill and Leah still in and Elizabeth goes home?


  1. I wonder same thing Elizabeth going home....

  2. Tonight's results were an absolute travesty. On what sane planet does Bill get to stay and Elizabeth gets sent home?? He should have gone home weeks ago. Corbin's trio dance was pure magic. You are so right, that dance was reminiscent of SYTYCD. Can't wait for the next season of that show. DWTS is about ready to ride into the sunset. Thanks for your comments!


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