Falling behind

I am falling behind in many things. My crafts, my writing, my TV shows.
First thing I'm falling behind on: my crafts. I started on the sleeve for the cardigan I've been plugging away at. I've tried to modify the pattern a bit as I want the sleeves longer. So I started with a smaller starting chain and will keep track of how wide I make it before checking on the length which will be almost double the original.
My craft creation is linked to my TV viewing as I craft while watching.
I've also fallen behind on updating what I've added to my stash. I got the following in October. Red micro velvet for the Evil Queen jacket I'm going to make, eventually, once I get the other materials.It's a little deeper red than the picture.
And a shiny gold/black mettalic that was in the clearance fabrics. I will be making a draped dress with this, once I find the right pattern.
And patterns, all from simplicity:

I also had picked up two felt stocking kits. One which I'm planning on making for myself. There's also some new ruffle yarns I'm playing with.

Onto NaNoWriMo.

As you can see by the yellow, I haven't been keeping up with my daily word count. If I manage to get to the minimum today, I'm still about 2000 words behind. Still haven't figured out the other test, but I skipped ahead and suddenly found myself writing my bodyguard into a quest given by a dragon to overcome the reason why he's mute. No clue what that is so I was trying to fill in details I skipped over while writing. Also plan on skipping ahead to when he returns from the quest. I will not give up! But I'm running out of material.


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