DWTS season 17: week 11 performance

It's the finale!

Did they match the outfit colors for Kelly and the troupe on purpose?

Round 1: judges pick. the redo dance

Bill.  V. Waltz. It looked about the same to me from what I remember. I'll give him the scores.

Corbin. Quickstep. It seemed slower this time for some reason. I'll agree with the scores.

Jack. Jive. The kicks and flicks were better but his triple steps were not. Maybe a little high.

Amber. Charleston. Same critiques as last time. Too much hip hop. Too high for me.

Round 2: samba relay
The song is slow for a samba.
Jack. He tried but the technique hasn't improved from his solo dance.
Amber. I felt like she didn't really move. Samba is a traveling dance.
Bill. Um what was he doing? Some of the arms looked funky.
Corbin. Only one that looked like he was doing it right. They kept it fairly simple though.
They got the order right.

Round 3: freestyle
Bill. I give him props for the lifts. But it was basic. Not enough for the freestyle. Too high for me.

Corbin. I liked it. It was different from a lot of previous ones and want all trick filled. I'll agree with the scores.

Jack. Cute. I think his footwork got a bit slippy at times. I don't know if it was 10s.

Amber. Interesting. I liked it but I would've liked a bit more ballroom. I'll give them the scores.

And Bill is eliminated before the final night. 

As for who's left...
Best dancer: Corbin
Most improved: Jack


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