DWTS season 17: week 10

Interesting opening. Yay! Maks is back.
Leah. She did some parts passionately but it wasn't enough. She didn't throw her body into it enough she seemed to stay in place. She messed up a few times. Maybe a little high.

Corbin. The song is more Paso than Tango. It seemed too fast. But I liked it for what it was. Can I have Karina's dress? He looked like he leaned forward in his frame at times. I'll agree with the scores.

Jack. A bit odd but I can't critique jazz too well. It just didn't feel polished. I think it was better then Leah's. So I'll agree with the scores

Bill. Feet were all over the place. Hips were non existent. Too high.

Amber. Interesting but I didn't care for it that much. She was moving better than last week. Too high.

Acoustic round.

Leah. Underwhelming. Some parts looked like step, step, step. For an actress she didn't act through her body just her arms and face. Never really has. Too high.

Corbin. I feel he could have done more in that routine. I'll give them the scores.

Jack. Not bad. He stayed in character the whole time. I'll give him the scores.

Bill. I liked that routine. Although I'm trying to figure out how she got into that outfit as I don't see a zipper. He was better this week then last week. I'll agree with the scores.

Amber. The fog made it impossible to see her feet. It felt a little skippy at the beginning. It was a simple Viennese Waltz. Don't know if I'd give it a perfect score.

Highlight of the night was Maks' expressions when Bruno was talking.

And Leah goes home. I enjoy Bill more than Leah.


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