Slow progress

It's a slow process lately because of all I have going on. Due to NaNoWriMo I didn't craft as much as I usually do. As I was being non-productive and distracted by the internet, by Wednesday I gave up on sitting and trying to write at the beginning of the day. So I crocheted and caught up on my TV viewing. And I got the other side of the sweater done. Now onto the sleeves this week which I'm making longer than the pattern says. I don't want a short sleeved cardigan.

Today I went winter shoe shopping. Specifically for boots as I currently own short uggs and 4" stiletto, knee high boots. So I went for something in the middle.
Mid-calf, chunky heel. Purposely slouched. And I miraculously have room at my toes.
Also managed to pick up the following in the clearance section:

Cute right? The last pair are my new slippers for the winter. And here's Onyx lying in the box top for some strange reason.

Now, onto my NaNoWriMo update. I seem to only get my daily word count done lately if I'm faced with the midnight deadline. Rarely am I inspired by a scene enough to bang out several hundred words like I've previously done. I'm usually at least a day ahead with my word count, prior to today, I was only about 400 ahead. I'm having trouble getting inspiration. Right now I'm stuck as to what the next challenges will be for the princess' suitors. I've done a long horse race through the desert and a writing test. The last one, which I may skip ahead to, is the fighting tournament. Suggestions welcome.


  1. Love the boots and slippers, and sounds like you got good deals. :) Would some sort of physical endurance test help your story? Climbing a mountain to get a certain kind of medicinal herb, etc?

    1. Thanks. They're coming in handy in the cold weather. Weatherbug is telling me it's 31 out at the moment. Brr. As for the endurance test, possibly. The story takes place in a desert so no mountains. I know I need a dragon to make another appearance but that will be after the fights. An idea of a scavenger hunt came to mind. But what to find that would test them.


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