Dwts season 17: week 11 results

Interesting how they almost redid the opening from the first show. Slight differences.

Bill n. I'm pretty sure the tricks were by someone else and a very good editing job. The others parts were still bad.

Elizabeth. Still have a problem with her knees being bent the entire dance.

Christina and Brant. Not bad but Christina pulled it off better.

Valerie. She seemed to forget the routine again and wound up on the wrong foot.

Snookie. She's easy to lift.

Leah. Very timid again.

Bill e. Bill and samba don't work together.

Corbin. His new yorkers and lock steps could have been a bit better. He did look a bit out of sync with Karina in the cha cha. I'll agree with the scores.

Jack. Really weird combination of dances. The salsa looked a bit odd but he never did it this season. Too high based on the level of Corbin's dance.

Amber. Not really a samba song. The technique want really there. The Quickstep was better than the samba by a long shot. I'll give Derek props for the choreography. Too high for me.

3rd place: Jack. A fitting place given his improvement.

Winner: Amber. The golden boy wins again. 

I wanted Corbin to win.


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