Dwts season 14 week 7 performance

Katherine. Very odd choice of song for a rumba. She didn't have much hip movement and she never settled into her hips. There was only a little side to side. Lots of turns and poses. I would have expected more from her. I'll agree with the scores, but maybe a little high for lack of hips.

Melissa. Another strange piece of music. It made it a bit hard to get into the dance. Judges were pretty hard on them. I saw a few blips and at times she did look like she was concentrating rather than acting the dance. I have a feeling this will be the lowest score of the night.

William. At least this song was a Viennese waltz. He looked a little hunched over. Probably could have stood up a little straighter. His feet looked off as well. Not smooth, jerky. Scored much too high.

Roshon. Bad romance? Seriously? I still have trouble seeing him as something other than a boy. Trying seemed off about the flicks. I preferred this over William but I'll agree with the scores.

Donald. Much better than William. Much smoother. Fleckerals looked odd though. There were a few other places that looked odd. I'll agree with the scores.

Maria. I like her dress without the collar. I really need a red lace dress. Not much attack with the foot work and she spent a little too long sitting on the floor doing nothing. I don't think it should have gotten 30.

Jaleel. Not bad, but Viennese waltz doesn't have as much rise and fall as he was showing. He looked hoppy. Kym's dress is pretty. I'll agree with the scores but it was better then William's.

Can I even call what Karina is wearing a dress?

Team tango. Interesting choreography. Jaleel's footwork looked a bit off in his solo. hard to critique in these dances due to length and amount of people on the floor at the same time. Not fond of the costumes. I'll hold off on the critique of scores until after team paso.

Team paso. Donald was the strongest while unfortunately Melissa had to be compared to two pros. I liked the costumes, or lack there of, better. I don't know if this was deserving of a lower score them the tango.

I think the judges are truly being too hard on Melissa given how much they over score practically everyone else left in the competition. Agree, disagree? Remember to follow me on twitter @khascat.


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